My Instacart Hack

Instacart is a beautiful product. There is also something satisfying about how they’ve neatly organized thousands of grocery items. The supermarket has never been so easy to search. My favorite feature is the ability to favorite items. I recommend flagging the things that you buy every week as a favorites. Then when it’s time to go grocery shopping, you can just flip through the favorites list to quickly and easily add what needs to be replenished.

My other Instacart tip is to use the app in the store. I used to write down my shopping list on a post-it note that I would carry with me up and down the aisles. I would inevitably scan the post-it note and my basket before checking out but would get home and realize that I forgot something. Now I use the app (and my favorite list) to create my shopping list, and I swipe and delete items as I add them to my cart. No pen. No paper. And I know I can’t leave the store until my digital cart is empty.

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